"The beginning are the people"

Danijel Marsanic

Hello my name is Danijel Marsanic

I am the founder and organizer of From Begin.
The whole idea came to me when I had a very special moment in my life: I realized that mine and the lives of many others is based on the fear to stop one day.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of not being able to endure the silence and rushing from one place to another. What fears would arise if we stopped pedaling our desires? What would happen if you just stopped where you are? Would you look around, look directly in the eye of the person walking past you?

What would happen?

And so I decided to share my experience with you.
Hoping that the world and the people living in it will find some peace.
So that love and connection can be felt.

With love, Danijel Marsanic –  http://www.danijelmarsanic.com/

Christoph Diefenthal

I have personally experienced what it is like to get lost in your own thoughts. You run towards happiness and never arrive. And instead of stopping and thinking about the direction, you run faster and faster until you can no longer. STOP.

For me, FROM BEGIN stands for the moment, for the realization that happiness is not in the next place, in the next goal, in the next partner. But here and now.

The more we train to go into the moment,
the more we let a space inside of us grow.
A space in which we can perceive and breathe and decide:
How am I now, what do I want to feel, how do I want to be.


Simone Henke

FROM BEGIN pure mindfulness.

Mindfulness teaches me to perceive my body’s signals every day. It helps me to notice what is good for me, to differentiate between important and unimportant things. I find out how I behave in stressful situations. And unmask more and more my automatic behavior patterns. In observing, I see how these patterns are gradually changing. It’s really exciting.

Simone Henke – http://bewusst-in-stuttgart.de/

Barbara Metzger

organisator in Zurich, switzerland

social worker
clown & health clown
mindfulness seminars

she loves to create quiet spaces

Please contact me: +41 76 345 14 42

Kevin Heilig, Filmemacher

Kevin Heilig, Moviemaker

Loves to delight people with his movies.


Where are you? : )


0174 210 20 42