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Have you ever been part of a performance?
Do you want to experience a very special moment?

19th of November 2020
you have your chance to be part 
of a extraordinary journey 
with wonderful people.

Together we will move slow 
in the museum  
“Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart” 

If you move to fast, you might miss something beautiful

Be part of our performance at the
“Made in Stuttgart” cultural festival

And create a very special moment with us 
that you will always remember.

on 11/19/2021
at 16:30
“Haus der Geschichte” Stuttgart.

If you want to create
this special moment with us
please contact:

"Our desire for more is always present, this has become our greatest mistake. We have forgotten to see what is directly in front of us, existing since the beginning of time, since the beginning of our lives."

Our performances
so far..

July 18, 2018

It was Sommer 2018 when From Begin started the first time.
It was beautiful to watch people form different countries, cultures and ages come together and bring awareness to the power of slowness.

It was amazing to see what the inner peace and slowness triggered within the people passing by and the participants. A space was created consisting only of love and connectedness.

July 18, 2019

It was originally planned that 2018 marks the end of the project, since it was meant to be a one in a lifetime experience.

Fortunately, in the beginning of 2019 there was an impulse from last year’s participants who appealed to the meaning of this wonderful experience, expressing how important peace and slowness are for today´s society.

That´s why we decided to tackle the project.

People were so passionate that everything was organized within a week. At last we went carefully and thoughtfully toward From Begin 2.0


This year we started in 4 countries at the simultaneously.





Course of Action 7/18/2020:

We met on July 18th 1:30 PM at the meeting points in the different cities to start the event together.

After a short introduction we moved to the starting point. (In Stuttgart it was in front of the the Kunstmuseum at the sculpture from artist Alexander Calder) and we spread in the surroundings while minding social distancing.

After every participant has found its starting point, we moved in slow motion towards the center of the place. In moving slow everything was allowed: walk, stand, observe your surroundings. We just did everything very aware and in slowness. 

The event ended roughly after an hour and we all came together again to exchange the experience with the other participants and observers. 

About From Begin…

In a world dominated by speed, inner restlessness and, above all, inattentiveness, it is becoming increasingly important to reset every now and then. FROM BEGIN found a way slowly back into our natural silence. But what does slow mean? In which ways can it be helpful? And most of all what would happen if I stopped. What fears and thoughts would arise?

Our desire for more is always present, this has become our greatest mistake. We have forgotten to see what is directly in front of us, existing since the beginning of time, since the beginning of our lives.”:

The gift that I am, that I can perceive myself and my surroundings.

The happiness of owning a body and following my own path and my own curiosity.

What a festival is it for a child to stand on its own feet for the first time? To experience the world, we live in with all of his senses. How slowly did all of this happen? And now, have we become blind to see ourselves, to see this world with all of our senses?

So let’s put the essence of time aside for a moment – and by doing so free ourselves from the underlying concerns and fears. We can create the space to fully indulge into to the NOW.

So let’s put the time aside for a moment – and with it the underlying concerns and fears. We would much rather turn our attention fully to the NOW.

FROM BEGIN, I cordially invite you to participate in this experiment with us. To feel yourself, to perceive and above all to rediscover yourself.

Let our bodies become a mirrors of ourselves, mirrors of our soul. Through which we recognize the blind spots in our hearts and minds.

FROM BEGIN, let’s stop time.

Are you curious? 
Do you to join the movement or  experience “From Begin” in your city next year?
Do you have questions? We are here for you:

“What fears would arise if we stopped pedaling our desires? What would happen if you just stopped where you are? Would you look around, look directly in the eye of the person walking past you?”

Danijel Marsanic

 Der Gründer von From Begin
Künstler, Performance-Macher, Schauspieler.

“I have personally experienced what it is like to get lost in your own thoughts. You run towards happiness and never arrive. And instead of stopping and thinking about the direction, you run faster and faster until you can no longer.”

Christoph Diefenthal

IT Spezialist, 
Schauspieler, Coach

“Mindfulness teaches me to perceive my body’s signals every day. In observing, I see how these patterns are gradually changing. It’s really exciting.​”


Simone Henke


Kunsttherapeutin, Beobachterin

You are always welcome to contact us:
+49 174 210 20 42

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"Slowness is a universal thing.
Only we have given it up.
In slowness, uniformity and harmony of movement the consciousness announces itself.

The body starts to enjoy every little thing.

We are attentive and wide awake. We feel the whole freshness of the world.
We communicate. We open our senses to the fullness of existence "